Mum’s Fitness Classes


What’s it all about?

‘Mum’s fitness classes’ has been started by Joanna Forest Smith who runs Playball South Bucks. She responded to a need for mums to be able to exercise and get fit, whilst having little time to themselves to go to the gym. 

She has set up a fitness class that runs at the same time as Playball, so whilst the kids are happily engaged in their class, mum can use the time to work on her own fitness.

The classes focus on body weight cardio, abs & boxing. Classes are small, very friendly and tailored to your needs. 


Wednesdays 9.15am at the Beacon Centre, Beaconsfield & Fridays 11.30am at the Curzon Centre, Beaconsfield

More Information

Classes are £8 per 45 minute class

For more information email