Happy Valley Short Walk


Happy Valley is the locals name given to an area of countryside that sits between the Henley Road and Marlow Common. It’s rich in woodland and rolling hills making it a beautiful place to walk.

There will be many routes you can explore in this area, mostly visible on google maps. This is just one example that we have done which is suitable for a 3 and 6 yr old without a pram or carrier.

Need to know

Buggy/Scooters: This route is not suitable for scooters or prams as the ground is uneven. 

Facilities: none, it’s a countryside walk

Parking: Park at the Henley Road end of on Pound Lane, Marlow

Time/distance: the route took us about 45mins at a very slow pace.

The route

Park on the Henley Road end of Pound Lane. Walk across the main road and immediately in front of you is a lane. Walk down the lane a little way and you will see a footpath straight in front of you. You can see the route we took below.