Cliveden Woodland Walk


Cliveden Woodland area is part of the the Cliveden Estate owned by the National Trust. That said, this area has it’s own entrance which is further down the road from the main entrance.

The woodlands are a lovely area to explore and there are plenty of natural attractions for kids, from climbing logs, dens to rope swings and hide outs.

Normal entry fee’s to the estate apply so it does mean it’s really only cost effective to do this walk if you plan to visit the main estate as well, or if you have an annual pass. If you do then this walk is well worth a visit. It is possible to walk to the main estate but our boys 3 and 6 found it enough just walking to the play trail and exploring the area around there.

To find out more about the Woodlands see here

Need to know

Prams and Scooters: You could take a buggy on this route if the ground is dry or a balance bike but the ground would be a bit bumpy for scooters.

Facilities: I don’t remember seeing any toilets or other facilities in this part of the estate.

Parking: There is a large car park. You will need to pay to enter or show your National Trust card the same as you would to enter the main estate.