The Flower Pot Pub Walk


This is a short 1.5km walk that we do from Hambledon weir to the Flower Pot pub which is suitable for young children. There are probably many different routes around the pub but this is one we enjoy which is perfect for our 2.5yr and 5yr old boys – they like to spend more time picking up sticks and playing than actually walking! 

The route is buggy and scooter friendly. You do have to cross the weir at the start of the walk which could be a highlight or a scary bit depending on how you feel about it! It is safe so long as you don’t let the kids climb the fencing! We walked over the weir but I don’t remember any steps or gates on this walk which would be unsuitable for buggies.


We parked in the marina (by accident) but i’m pretty sure you are not meant to park there unless you are there for the marina. There is a free car park a short walk down Skimett Road on the left.

If you do park in the car park, head back to Marina parking area where you can pick up the footpath for the weir on the right of the entrance gate.

Follow the footpath over the weir, then over the lock and then turn left to walk along the surfaced footpath which takes you to the Flower Pot pub. 

Check pub opening times here

The pub itself is very traditional and quite unusual inside in as much as it has an eclectic selection of taxidermy to see. Our kids enjoy seeing all the different animals they can spot! There’s a large beer garden which is an excellent place to hang out with kids and re-fuel before starting the walk home.