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What’s it all about?

Hobbledown describes itself as ‘a mysterical farm park adventure’. Its a combination of animals and fantastic naturally built play areas like no other you are likely to have seen. Hobbledown is a book and the adventure park is set around the theme of the book with adventurous and challenging play areas, housed within beautiful and quirky wooden play structures. Its primarly targets children between the ages of 2 and 13 years. There is so much stuff to do here that listing it would be too lengthy so better to check out the pictures and their website.


It in Epsom which is about 50mins from Marlow (on a good M25 day!) Hobbledown, Horton Lane, Horton, KT19 8PT [see map]

Its open from 28th March until 2nd November

How much?

Under 2s are free. Children 2+ £10.90 off peak, £13.50 peak. Adults £9.90 off peak and £12.50 peak. Concessions apply as well as a reduced price after 3pm [read more about their pricing]

Contact/More information

Visit their website or call 0843 289 4979