As a new mum in Marlow (both new mum and new to Marlow) I found it hard at first knowing what was on offer in the local area to keep my little boys and I busy through the week. A couple of years in, I now know that there is loads on offer. We are so lucky to have an abundance of toddler groups and classes, beautiful countryside activities, soft plays and kids attractions.

I wanted to create a place to share what i’ve learnt with other Marlow mums – and dads, grand parents, carers and everyone who is trying to entertain little people.¬† The site at the moment focuses mainly on pre-school kids but I hope to extend it further in the future. I also hope that people will want to share their experiences at classes, groups and activities with others by adding reviews. If you have an activity that you enjoy with your family please let me know about it so i can add it to the site so others can enjoy it too.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Lisa x

 Email: lisa.cook@marlowmums.com or jojo@marlowmums.com