TinyTalk Baby Signing

We are no longer actively maintaining these pages. PLEASE ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK with the class provider that the class is running before attending.

Tiny Talk Baby Signing

Baby Signing in TinyTalk classes teaches babies sign language so they can communicate before they can talk. It is said that as early as 6 to 9 months babies can begin to tell you what they want and what they are thinking about by means other than speech. The class is targeted at babies from newborn until when they are confident on their feet and can then attend TinyTalk Toddler classes.

The class is 1hr long and the first half is the baby signing bit which is taught to popular nursery rhymes. The second half is social, with toys a cuppa and biscuits.


Sarah Batt runs TinyTalk in Maidenhead. See her timetable below.



Contact/More Information

P/ 07852153347
E/ cugnonis@gmail.com
F/ www.facebook.com/TinyTalkMaidenhead
W/ www.tinytalk.co.uk/sarahbatt