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The Little Gym is re-opening from 1 st April for Classes, Camps & Private Parties. And if you haven’t tried out this new business, you might be in for a pleasant surprise. The Little Gym runs high quality classes, meticulously
planned holiday camps, and private birthday parties from their own bespoke, Covid-secure facilities in Windsor & High Wycombe.

What stands-out most is how much this experienced and playful tribe of teachers cares about making a difference to children and families. Every teacher is trained not just in gymnastics, but also in child development to fulfil their vision. And what’s their vision? To fill Buckinghamshire & Berkshire’s streets with confident, well-balanced kids that love movement and are set up for success in the classroom AND the playground.
And there’s a brilliant kicker… the kids are having so much fun that they don’t realise they’re learning. It’s a bit like sneaking courgette into their favourite pasta sauce. Except this time the pasta sauce is brilliant cartwheels and somersaults!

After running their award-winning online classes free of charge for families throughout three lockdowns, this dedicated bunch are now preparing to re-open their doors. Read on for more information on the services offered by The Little Gym and how to book.

Classes at The Little Gym

Baby Classes — 4-18 months

The Little Gym’s baby classes are full of rich sensory experiences, bespoke developmental music and baby gymnastics. Teachers trained in child development and gymnastics show you how to stimulate your child’s
sensory system through a variety of movements, how to set a foundation for future coordination and motor skills, and even teach you baby acrobatics! Full of music, socialisation and fun experiences to build your baby’s body & brain in a Gym full of gorgeous giggles. They have two programmes — Bugs for 4-9 month olds, and Birds for 10-18 month olds. And membership comes with a free sensory equipment bag to keep! Don’t miss these classes when your baby turns 4 months.

Toddler Classes — 19-36 months

Perfect for energetic, terrific toddlers. Semi-structured classes that gradually introduce concepts like following a teacher’s lead and listening as a group. Continue your child’s motor and sensory development, and build the foundation for life-skills such as problem solving, initiative and resourcefulness. A wonderful opportunity for your toddler to break free, run, climb, jump, bounce, spin, roll, handstand and cartwheel. Full of the music, playfulness, engagement and fun Little Gym classes are renowned for — all while masking serious learning like hidden veggies in their favourite pasta sauce! 

Pre-School Gymnastics — 3-5 years

Imaginative, energetic and full of laughter, The Little Gym’s popular pre-school gymnastics classes tap into your pre-schooler’s creative soul while teaching gymnastics. Full of aliens, monkeys, circus acrobats — you
name it, the theme changes every week. But don’t think it’s all play — that’s just how these guys teach as they know children learn more while they’re having fun. Pre-schoolers learn serious gymnastics skills, build their
coordination, refine stability and balance, and establish a foundation of skills designed to help them in the playground and classroom. A pre-school class not to be missed! 

Primary School Gymnastics — 6-12 years

If your child is a bit older, and starting to get a bit too cool for all that imagination stuff, The Little Gym’s programme for older kids will be just up their street. These teachers have an uncanny knack of getting to know
each child’s unique personality, understanding what success looks like for each individual, and motivating them to grow, learn, and laugh all through class.  A focus on blending physical development with social skill
development and cracking gymnastics skills ( brilliant to show off in the playground) gives children a big confidence boost — whether they’re a natural ninja or haven’t quite found their moving mojo yet. And that’s
priceless! Classes are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced to support all levels of gymnastics experience. 


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Private Birthday Parties

Covid rearing its spiky little face this past year has meant that private birthday parties are hot on parents wish lists. To the Little Gym crew, that’s nothing new. These guys only run private birthday parties and have since the day. They say it’s because they want the parties to be stress-free for parents and max fun for kids. Not only do you get the whole place to yourself — yes, that’s over 4,000sq feet just for you — they also throw in their teachers to host your children with fun games, activities, music and gymnastics. These guys get to know the party guests and plan the party and any theme with you in advance. AND they clean up afterwards — you just grab your birthday child and armful of gifts, and waltz out the door. They might be right about that stress-free bit! Priced between £285 and £320 for a private, hosted party.

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