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What’s it all about?

The postnatal period is one of great change and adjustment.  Yoga can be of great support in helping women transition as smoothly as possible through this special time.  The main physical focus of postnatal yoga is on dynamically but safely rebuilding core strength, providing comfort and stability for the lower back and pelvis, strengthening the abdominal area and opening for the chest and shoulders which often become tight through feeding and carrying.  Classes will have both an energising and relaxing effect on mothers and provide a warm and supportive atmosphere to bond with your baby and meet other mums. Although much of the emphasis is on the mother, mummy and baby classes also include gentle yoga stretches, music and rhymes for the babies which all help to aid sleep. Classes are suitable 6 weeks after birth once you have had your postnatal check with your GP until your baby is crawling.  Postnatal yoga also works well as a one on one session as Jennie is able to hold and entertain the baby if necessary, making a really deep, focused practice more possible.


Tuesday 11:30 to 12:30 Burnham [see map]

Thursday 11:15 to 12:15 Marlow St Peters Church Hall [see map]

What you need to know

Booking – Places are limited and can be booked through the website. You can book a trial class before you commit to a block.

What to bring – Yoga mats are provided. If you are attending the mummy and baby class please bring a blanket to place your baby on and anything else which helps you both to be happy during the class. e.g. changing mat, change of clothes, toys etc.

Pregnancy Yoga

Jennie also teaches pregnancy yoga in Marlow on Thursdays at 9.45am – 11am.

Pregnancy Yoga will help you to have a more comfortable, enjoyable pregnancy as it helps to alleviate common ailments such as back pain, heartburn and breathlessness, as well as helping to boost your energy levels and ease anxiety. Learn movements to help position your baby well for birth as well as invaluable breathing techniques, movements and tools to take with you into labour so you can feel empowered to birth your baby with calm confidence.

Contact/More information

Visit or call Jenny on 07954 578 439 for more information.

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⭐Last few spaces on my next Hypno-yoga workshop⁠
on Saturday 16 November. ⁠

£46 in Burnham, Positivity Centre, Burnham 2pm - 5pm ⁠

⭐This workshop will integrate hypnobirthing techniques with the hypnotic breath and movement of yoga to give women all the tools they need so that they can birth their babies with calm confidence. ⁠

Women receive recordings of the hypnosis sessions to can practice at home. We will work our way through the process of labour and look at breathing techniques, movements and positions for all different stages of labour. You will also learn how to integrate a birthing ball into pregnancy and labour and will feel much more confident and prepared. ⁠

👍This workshop comes highly recommended - my students are always telling me just how relevant and helpful it was and how they used the techniques in it to help them cope during the birth of their babies. See testimonial to follow....⁠

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"I would heartily recommend Jennie’s hypnobirthing workshop. She has a very structured and clear approach to providing tools and techniques to help you prepare for the labour and birth of your baby. I found the sessions informative, supportive and frankly empowering. It certainly made me more confident about the birth and I used many of the techniques in labour"⁠
Lucy & Lewis, Marlow⁠

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❤️I have been seeing a number of women in my pregnancy yoga classes recently with anxiety and it is really reassuring to see how much benefit they receive from the yoga, breathing and relaxation that we do in class. The golden thread breath which is is one of the key breathing techniques which I share with my students as it is so helpful to help them stay calm during birth, is actually first and foremost an anti-anxiety breath. When we lengthen the exhale it helps to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a sense of relaxation. The more that women are able to take the yoga practices off their mat and into their everyday lives the more benefit they receive.

❤️Pregnancy yoga classes & hypno-birthing workshops in Marlow and Burnham.
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❤️For women who struggle with anxiety and depression, pregnancy yoga can offer real support at a time which can often be emotionally very turbulent. This is what Madeline, a recent student of mine has to say about how she found the classes helpful.

❤️"For anyone like me who has had a history of anxiety or mental health issues, I found it really helpful to join a regular class for support during pregnancy that taught me different techniques, stretches, and yoga poses to help me feel the best I can in this changing time. It’s hard enough being pregnant and it’s great that we have classes like this available. The regular ongoing support then helped me to remain calm and focus on my breath when things took unexpected turns and also helped me to have the quickest labour yet."

❤️I have been specialising in pregnancy yoga since 2005 and teach weekly classes in Marlow & Burnham. See website for full details.

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#phenixyoga #pregnancyoga #naturalbirth #birthwithoutfear #birthwithcalmconfidence #hypnobirthing #positivebirth #gentlebirth #coolingbreathforpregnancy #keepcool #bumpbirthandbeyond #pregnancylife #pregnancyblog #pregnancyfitness #pregnancyglow #positivebirth #burnham #marlow
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❤️Pregnancy Yoga, Hypno-yoga workshops and Mummy & Baby Yoga Classes in Marlow and Burnham ⁠

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❤️Big Congratulations to Madeline from my Marlow class who recently gave birth to her third child. Having a positive birth experience can be such an empowering and confidence-building experience. This picture was taken an hour after she gave birth and see just how radiant and beautiful she looks. Here is what she has to say about her experience and how she found pregnancy yoga so helpful...

"I gave birth to my third baby on the 17th of August. I had a natural birth with gas and air as needed. Jennie’s yoga class helped me to be in tune with my body’s signals and to be as calm as I can in labour.

I had a week of Braxton Hicks and the breathing was helpful to get through it and to get to a meditative place to welcome the natural birthing process in its own time. Overall I’m really glad I joined the class to meet other pregnant ladies, it was so powerful to do certain sequences and exercises as a group, realising that there is a little baby inside each and every one of us benefiting from the breathing and relaxation. I’m now waiting until we are recovered from birth to do the postnatal classes. Definitely recommend Jennie’s classes if you are looking for an open space to share your pregnancy concerns, improve breathing techniques to use in labour and mommy meltdowns!, and have gentle exercise bespoke to any pregnancy ailments you may be experiencing."

😃I am very much looking forward to seeing her in mummy & baby yoga soon

👉Pregnancy Yoga and Mummy & Baby Yoga classes in Marlow & Burnham
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🤱In the first few months after having your baby it is really important that you approach you postnatal recovery in a safe way. To begin with the focus should be on restrengthening the lower abdominal muscles and some stronger abdominal exercises such as crunches are not appropriate and can be potentially harmful, especially if you have separated muscles or pelvic floor damage.

Mummy & Baby yoga offers focused, safe and effective postnatal exercise and we integrate the babies throughout the class so it offers fun bonding time too.

Classes in Marlow & Burnham
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❤️❤️My wonderful sister in law Marita has recently given birth toa gorgeous boy Liam. I am over the moon to have become an Auntie and so proud of Marita.

🤱Liam's entry into the world was dramatic, to say the least, but Marita was able to use the breathing and hypnobirthing techniques that I had shared with her to help her cope with a challenging birth. These techniques are not just useful when everything goes to plan and women have a straight forward, natural birth but are also so valuable when things don't go as smoothly to help her stay calm and in control. If a woman can stay calm during labour when things take unexpected twists and turns she is less likely to feel traumatised by her experience and ultimately less likely to develop postnatal depression. Here is what Marita had to say about her experience...

"Liam's arrival was via emergency c-section when they discovered his dropping heart rate, due to a knot in his cord. Needless to say, I was terrified - but Jennie's calming voice stuck with me.
So although my birthing plan went completely out the window and was out of my hands, Jennie's techniques were at the forefront of my mind and helped me through a tough induction process. She gave me the tools to tackle pain & an unexpected change in my labour, which every pregnant woman should be armed with. I would highly recommend Jennie's classes!"

Learn these techniques in my pregnancy yoga classes and hypno-yoga workshops. Classes in Marlow & Burnham.
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❤️🧘‍♀️Pregnancy Yoga offers the tools and techniques to help you have a calm and positive birthing experience

Classes in Marlow & Burnham
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Jen Phenix Yoga -  Pregnancy & Postnatal Yoga in South Bucks

See my mummy and baby yoga classes on Thursday mornings in list of fun things to do with your little one in Marlow ... See MoreSee Less

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