Mamadada Baby Yoga


Baby Yoga is a perfect companion to Amanda’s mamadada baby massage, you’ll be amazed at what babies can do! This yoga class is different to others in as much as the yoga is predominately for your baby rather than for the mother. 

Gentle stretches, massage, movement and playful interaction provides the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. Baby yoga poses, relaxing holds, walks, swings and dips makes for an enjoyable experience for both.
Based on Indian and Amazonian traditions along with Amanda’s professional medical and holistic background Baby Yoga is unique in emphasizing that the most beneficial form of stimulation for babies comes from the parent, their voice , facial expressions, touch and responsive movement provided naturally by them. Baby Yoga is done with the mother, it’s fun and benefits both.


Fridays 2pm Marlow Methodist Church Hall. Classes do not stop during the school holidays.

NOTE: It is essential to book before attending this class.  

Contact/More Information

Mobile: 07804109922