baby fit mum and baby class

Babyfit is your perfect guide on the journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Offering support for all aspects of motherhood
from health and fitness to nutrition and birth preparation.

BabyFit Online class is 45minutes long involving a fun, effective and functional exercise class for mums…

– Lift your heart rate without adding pressure and compromising the strength and tone of the pelvic floor muscles
– Strengthen your body to be able to hold and carry your baby until they are as big as you!
– Mobilise and release tension and tightness caused by typical parenting posture
– Boost fitness and energy levels to give you that feel good factor
– Allows you to workout in a non-judgemental environment, enabling you to work at your pace and level safely and effectively


BabyFit is currently running online until June (hopefully) when it will return to face to face. See timetable below.#

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