Lara Cochrane’s 10 minute core blast workout


I was contacted by personal trainer Lara Cochrane, as she’s starting a new circuits based fitness class for mums, with baby in pram, in Wooburn and potentially in Marlow if there is enough interest. She spoke about how she finds that some mums want a fitness class that’s a bit more intense than some of the others currently on offer.

Marlow Mums asked her a few questions to find out a bit more about her and her new class (or you can jump straight to her 10 minute core blast workout)


Tell me about you, where you live and your background

I’m Lara, owner of Reset Fitness – a personal training business based in Beaconsfield. I’m 25 and currently gearing up for my wedding in June!

I studied Psychology & Neuroscience at Uni, and went on to work for Johnson & Johnson in the HIV, Haematology and Cardiology franchises.

I’ve always been totally in love with fitness and have taught friends & family over the years, so I decided to qualify as a personal trainer and set up my business so that I could help as many people as possible get fit, health and happy.

Why did you decide to become a personal trainer

Fitness has always been a passion of mine – I’ve been a runner since the age of 10, and been interested in gym training since around 14 when I used to go with my Dad!

Early last year I decided to qualify as a PT alongside my full-time job, but didn’t expect to use the qualification so soon. However once I got a taste for it, I just knew I wanted to PT full time and I was very excited to run my own business, too.

Who are your classes targeted towards

My clients are most often gorgeous ladies in their 30s and 40s looking to regain a sense of control over their bodies, and I do a lot of work with new mums looking to get their pre-baby body back. My classes are quite specialised so I have a class for the older generation, a class for Mums & Babies and then also a ladies-only class.

Describe a typical class, what should we expect

For my Mums & Babies class, I’ve worked with local mums to understand their needs. What they’re looking for is a tough workout for them, without having to use baby as a weight. Often Mum & Baby classes are a little too low-key or “easy” because they try to incorporate the baby, so everything has to be gentle. I’ve designed a regular circuits class which is quite high intensity for Mum, meaning she’s more likely to lose body fat and get into shape, whilst baby watches on from the comfort of the pram. Mum will take baby around the circuit with her, pushing the pram along.

Circuits involves both bodyweight cardio (fat burning) exercise, as well as strength & conditioning (toning) through equipment. There are around 6 different exercises which you move along individually but all timed together. At the end there’s normally a “finisher” or an “improver” which is a specific exercise that we will work on each week and you will see progression in your ability as the weeks go on.

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What makes your sessions different to others

In terms of my Mums & Babies classes, the focus is really on getting your fit and toned body back, rather than socialising. Having spoken to new mums in the area, there are so many options out there for socialisation (both Mum & baby socialisation), but what’s lacking is a tough fitness class which you can bring baby to. Lots of my clients have had to go back to gyms to find these classes, but it means having to find child care. So my classes offer a good, refreshing & tough workout whilst also being able to keep baby with you. Your fitness isn’t compromised due to having a baby with you, and you’ll start to feel lighter, fitter and stronger if you are consistent in attending the circuits.

How would you describe your philosophy about being fit and healthy

My philosophy is very much about realistic expectations and balance. I am highly aware of the struggles, difficulties and chaos involved in raising a baby – I will always have huge respect and admiration for women who challenge themselves to get fit whilst raising a baby.

Therefore my philosophy for new mums would always be to just try and make small incremental changes each day. We can begin to implement small, quick daily routines for you to tone up, and we can start to gradually eliminate fattening foods, rather than throwing the entire contents of your cupboard away as this is likely to fail and rebound.

I also always encourage my clients to practice balance. You’ll never hear me telling them not to have a glass of wine with their friends, or not to enjoy taking kids to the fayre and having a few sweets. However I can show them how to enjoy these things without compromising their body. I teach ways of incorporating fitness and nutrition into a fun, balanced, family life so that you still feel happy and normal.

When is your next class running and how can people book on

My brand-new Spring season Mummies & Bubbies class starts on Wednesday March 7th at 9.30-10.30am, in Wooburn Manor Park, Wooburn Green. They will be this time each week from then on. There’s plenty of off-street parking available. I also run a ladies-only circuits on a Sunday at a private house in Wooburn. Just send me and email or text (details below), and I will book your trial class.

If I get enough regular attendees from Marlow I would be keen to start a class in Marlow.

To find out more about us you can:

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Phone or Text: +447894208881

Read reviews from local Mums here

Lara’s 10 minute core blast

Written exclusively for Marlow Mums

I asked Lara what exercises she would suggest for a busy mum at home who had only 10 minutes spare a day to increase her core strength. She very kindly wrote this programme exclusively for Marlow Mums.

** If you are a new mum it’s important you make sure you are signed off by a doctor before attempting any core exercises

– You’ll need a timer & a mat.
– Set the timer (or keep an eye out), for 20 seconds ON followed by 10 seconds REST.
– Repeat this circuit 4 times.

Exercise 1 (20 secs): V-sit Hold

How: lie on your back with arms down by your sides & legs out straight. Lift arms, legs and shoulders off the ground so that you’re holding a crunch position. Ensure you keep chin tucked into chest to avoid strain. Click here to see an example.

Rest: 10 secs

Exercise 2 (20 secs): Bicycles

How: lie on your back with hands behind your head. Bring opposite knee to elbow over your chest and really twist your tummy. Click here to see an example.

Rest 10 secs

Exercise 3 (20 secs): Oblique toe taps (great for creating a nice waist shape!)

How: lie on your back with feet flat but knees bent. Reach around each side one at a time, to tap your foot on the side. Go back to the middle and over to the other side. Click here to see an example.

Rest 10 secs

Exercise 4 (20 secs): Plank

How: face down, lie on your elbows and get up onto your toes. Keep your body in one straight line, don’t let your hips drop or come up too high. Hold strong and steady. Click here to see an example. 

Rest 10 secs

Exercise 5 (20 secs): Mountain Climbers

How: In press up position (face down, on your hands, up on toes) bring one knee into your chest and then take it back out and bring the other one in. If you’re feeling good, speed it up into a sprinting mountain climber. Click here to see an example.