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An interview with local mum Natasha Cross from Baby Sleep Matters

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We interviewed local mum Natasha Cross from Baby Sleep Matters. She recently set up her business after spending years working through word of mouth and seeing that there was a real need in the community for this type of support. As a mother of two herself, she is passionate about empowering parents to teach their children to sleep through the night. Read on to find out more.


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Natasha says “If you spend more than five minutes with any new parent then you can guarantee that the hot topic of sleep, or serious lack of it, will raise its head. We become fanatical with how much sleep we’re getting or not getting; arguments with your partner over who is more shattered become a regular occurrence and in-depth dissections of the previous night’s toils are discussed over your morning cornflakes.  Of course, when you have a baby, you knowingly sign up for sleepless nights and a dose of serious sleep deprivation in those early weeks, that’s fully expected. But what do you do if your little angel gets past those tricky first few months and still refuses to sleep despite all those books you eagerly read when you were pregnant?

As a parent, we often struggle to ask for help for fear of being seen as a failure (which is ridiculous) but rest assured that there is support out there that can help you regain your sacred sleep and dwindling sanity. Natasha Cross from Baby Sleep Matters is a local mum who is a trained infant sleep consultant and is committed to helping parents establish routines and habits that will bring back the zen to the household and assist you in achieving the holy grail of getting your little ones to have good, long sleeps.”

1.) What was it that lead you to become an infant sleep consultant?

I have always had a natural affinity with children, and well before I became a mother myself found that I could “read” babies cries. As such I have gone on to do extensive research and study in this field, qualifying as a baby sleep consultant with MNT. Becoming a mother was the final prompt that I needed to set up Baby Sleep Matters, and I have loved every minute of it!

2.) Is there an age limit to the children you can work with?

Without a doubt it is better to crack your child’s sleep as soon as the issue starts to present itself, however I do work children up to the age of 4. I have recently featured in a Daily Mail article where I worked with a 2 and a half year old and was able to turn her sleep around in just one week. For more information visit:

3.) Are you able to ‘fix’ every child with sleep issues?

I hold the belief that unless there are underlying medical issues, every child should be able to sleep through the night. My passion lies in helping parents with the strategies to make this happen – as we all know a good night’s sleep is transformative for both adults and children.

4.) What are your top three tips for encouraging babies to be good sleepers from early on?

A simple routine – This doesn’t need to be complex and can be as simple as trying to give your baby their feeds/sleeps at approximately the same time every day.
Plenty of sleep during the day – It is a myth that the less babies sleep during the day the better they will sleep at night. In fact, the reverse is true. Make sure that your baby gets enough sleep during the day, so that the night-time doesn’t result in an overtired/difficult to settle baby.
Avoid overstimulation – Babies (new-borns especially) are very susceptible to becoming overtired quickly. Make sure that you consciously monitor the amount of “play” with the goal of putting them down for a nap before they become tired.

5.) Have you ever had any problems getting your own children to sleep?

If my children are sick they will wake up during the night, wanting extra comfort/help and this of course is completely normal. However, once the illness has passed, I am quite strict about reverting back to their normal routine, as I know from my line of work post-sickness can sometimes be the catalyst for sleep regression.

6.) What do you find is the biggest challenge being a working mum?

Finding the balance between my job and spending time with my children is possibly one of my biggest challenges.  I know that the fulfilment that I get from my job, makes me a better mother, but like us all I still suffer from “Mum Guilt” and when I haven’t seen them for the day as I have been out visiting clients I do feel guilty. That being said, I have the luxury of being able to pick the hours I work and I also have a home-study so am based at home most of the time.

7.) What is your approach to your consultations?

Without sounding cheesy, every consultation is important to me. I derive as much satisfaction from a child sleeping through as the parents. I am really passionate about what I do and often go above and beyond to make it happen! I know that there is not a one-size fits all approach, and I tailor each method to the family I am working with.  As such my business is driven in the main by word of mouth.

8.) What has been your proudest moment to date with Baby Sleep Matters?

I would say the recent media coverage has been fantastic recognition for the services that I provide, but other than that would be the testimonials that I receive from clients that I work with on a daily basis.

9.) What are the services that you provide?

I offer one to one consultations on baby sleep, but I also am a qualified baby massage instructor and offer group classes in weaning, sleep and baby massage.

If you’re struggling with your child’s sleeping habits or know somebody who would benefit from some guidance, then enter the Baby Sleep Matters competition to win a free 60 minute consultation. All you need to do is like and share the post over on our Facebook page.

For more information visit Natasha’s website at

Fancy winning a FREE 60min Sleep Consultation?

Natasha has kindly offered one lucky Marlow Mum a chance to win a free 60 minute consultation with Baby Sleep Matters. To enter use the button below to visit the MarlowMums facebook page and then ‘like’ the page and the competition post.