Baby College


 What’s it all about?

Baby College classes are for babies from birth to 3 years. Classes include a carefully designed mixture of physical, multi-sensory and cognitive games, exercises and activities including music, dancing, signing and much more – all designed to cover every aspect of your child’s development.

Our structured programme provides your baby with a complete developmental workout. It helps to build the strong neural pathways that are vital for early brain development and all subsequent learning. At the same time Baby College also offers you a useful insight into baby development so you can learn all about your growing baby.

Infants 0-9 months

Weekly topics and a gentle and complete programme suitable even for newborns. In the infant classes, gentle exercises are taught to help replace your baby’s infant reflexes with more mature responses. Fun multi-sensory stimulation helps them to learn new skills.

Toddlers 9-18 monthsbc_Witney_March_2012_036

Building on early development and exploring this new and exciting world, your toddler will be fascinated by the world around them. Additional learning themes and new skills are introduced. An active class that promotes language and social skills and body awareness.

Juniors 18-36 months

Encouraging and supporting independent learning in preparation for nursery. Now even more active, emphasis is placed on encouraging confidence in their social skills and growing more independent. Using varied, fun and stimulating games, you can ensure they are ready when it is time for pre-school.


See timetable below.


How much

Baby College class prices vary slightly across the country, but Marlow classes cost £7.50 per class, when you book for the whole term.

Contact/More information

Vicky Jones

Baby College South Buckinghamshire

Tel: 07720 441672


Facebook Posts

Great information about what to do when your baby starts rolling in their sleep. 😊You should always place your baby on their back to sleep. However, if they've learnt to roll and you find them on their front or side, don’t panic!

Once your baby can move themselves from their back to their front and back again by themselves, they will be able to find their own sleeping position.

The first few times they roll onto their tummy, you might like to gently turn them back, but do not feel you have to get up all night to check.

Find out more at
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It's #makatonmonday and time for our #soundoftheweek!

Signing is a great way of teaching your child to communicate with you before they can talk. And is a great way of overcoming a lot of frustration!

This week's sign is PLEASE. Brought to you by the lovely Emma of Baby College Swansea, Neath, Llanelli.
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This week in class we are talking about Attachment.

Book now to join us:
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Language development is one of our activities at Baby College, and each week we focus on a different sound.

This week our sounds are:
D for infants and
H for toddlers

If you can guess the ANIMAL I've chosen, you will win a chocolate bar!

See you in class.
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Fun Fact Friday!

We were talking about the stimulation that babies need for brain development, but also how babies can become over stimulated, during our classes this week.

#funfactfriday #babycollegefamily

To join us book in here:
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This is definitely something we are experiencing in our house at the moment.

Is your child suffering with over-tiredness as a result of changes in their routine? The amazing Rachael Taylor of The Sleep Sanctuary has some great suggestions.

Check out her blog.
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Walk in the woods after a fabulous first week back at Baby College. Fabulous classes. Fabulous babies and fabulous parents and carers. Thanks so much for joining me. Don’t forget to book in to join us again for the rest of the term! Have a good weekend x ... See MoreSee Less

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Not sure if your baby is overstimulated?
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Been trying to catch up with some paperwork but my boy is telling me it’s time to get some fresh air! #babycollegefamily #fourleggedfriend #buckinghamshire #mumlife ... See MoreSee Less

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First day back in Beaconsfield today! Still time to join us if you're quick. Book on now.
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